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Hills Course Golf

Family Tees

Additional Family Course Information

We are pleased to announce the opening of our Family Course at The Hills Course. These tees will allow beginners, junior golfers and most importantly, Families, a more enjoyable experience while learning the great game of golf! The Family Course will allow beginners of all ages to score well and gain confidence and will also result in improving the pace of play.

Stonebridge Ranch Country Club is committed to be the Best Family Country Club in Texas. Golf is a game for life. Introducing kids to golf at a young age will provide them with a lifetime of enjoyment with friends and family and a business advantage as they mature into young adults.

We have set up Family Tees on all three nines at The Hills Course. Each of these nine holes has a separate scorecard. Also, each nine has been named after a former junior golfer at our Club now playing on the PGA or LPGA tour; the Mahan Nine, Kuehne Nine and Lang Nine.

Stonebridge Ranch Country Club is committed to helping our Members enrich their lives through the Club. This includes quality family time spent together. What a better way to accomplish this than having fun together on the course!

We look forward to seeing you out on the Family Course!